Andrew Vickerman

During the period 1998 to 2009 Andrew was a member of the Operating and Executive Committees of Rio Tinto. During the period 1994 to 1998 he was Finance Director of Lihir Gold Limited. Prior to that he worked with RTZ Mining & Metals.

With a background in economics and finance he has previously worked as a consultant for the World Bank and has travelled extensively over the past thirty years.

Andrew is the chairman of DNi Technologies Pty Limited.



Christopher Gower

Christopher is based in London and is a director of Windward Prospects Ltd, a UK-based venture investment company. Within Windward, he has primary responsibility for the company’s investment in DNi and, since the reorganisation of the DNi group which took place in 2016, is currently the acting managing director of DNi Technologies Pty Limited.

With a background as an in-house lawyer, he has worked with a number of international companies at a senior level. Prior to that, he held a senior marketing position in electronic publishing.



Stephen Stout

Stephen is currently based in London, but has spent a large part of his business career in Asia, where he is still a Director of several companies. Most recently, he was CEO of DMG Information Asia Pacific Pte Ltd based in Singapore, responsible for all DMGT companies and investments in APAC. Prior to that, he was CEO of the Landmark Information Group in the UK for ten years.

Earlier in his career, Stephen worked for RELX plc Ltd and was respectively CEO for Lexis Nexis in Asia, Australia and the UK. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree from the University of Loughborough in the UK


Vincent Sweeney

Vincent is the managing partner at Sydney Capital Partners, an investment banking advisory firm. For much of his work he specialises in debt and equity strategies for small-cap ASX companies or project managing companies entry into the ASX. He has been working as an adviser to DNi since January 2011.

Vincent spent many years as a senior partner at major accounting firm Deloitte, where he served on the national management team and was their managing partner for multiple divisions, including the dominant Audit & Assurance division and later, the Corporate Finance division. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce, an MBA and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and other professional organisations.


Dr Fiona McCarthy

Senior Process Engineer, Dr Fiona McCarthy has a Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering & PhD in Process Metallurgy from the University of New South Wales. Fiona’s recent experience has included several years as a resources industry analyst for AME Mineral Economics, in the role of senior analyst.

Fiona worked with process inventor Bill Drinkard and his team in their laboratory in Charlotte, NC, while learning the DNi Process chemistry. Her overseas posting has been a key part of DNi’s technology transfer to bring the knowledge back to Australia where, from April 2009, she established DNi’s laboratory in Perth at CSIRO’s Waterford facility.

Since 2009, Fiona and her team in DNi’s Waterford laboratory have continued to refine the DNi process and in 2010 they returned to Charlotte to pilot the acid recovery circuit on a large scale, confirming the elegance and viability of the process. Also in 2010 the technical team began designing the full pilot plant, which was constructed in 2012. Operation of the pilot plant covered the majority of 2013, with Fiona as the Technical Program Process Engineer. In this role she was responsible to the Project Managers for implementing the technical programme operations of the pilot plant, with focus on the technical process operations and performance of the plant and to handle all technical data generated from the programme.

In 2014-15 Fiona was a lead engineer in the further development of the Buli project to scoping study level costings and then subsequent work on other potential DNi projects. She continues to lead the Perth technical team’s laboratory work and engineering studies.


Chamika Don

Process Chemist, has completed his Bachelors (Applied Chemistry) and Masters in Chemical Engineering from Curtin University, Western Australia.

Chamika has been part of the DNi technical team since 2011 and completed his master’s through DNi sponsorship. The thesis component titled ‘The Direct Nickel (DNi) Process under Saline Conditions: Study on a West Australian Nickel Laterite Ore’ was the first major investigation undertaken by the company to evaluate the viability of the DNi process under saline conditions. His routine duties include the undertaking of detailed metallurgical testwork under the direction of the senior process engineer as well as running, maintaining and commissioning various laboratory equipment. Chamika has been involved in supporting the Perth DNi Test operations and more recently with CSIRO in their piloting campaigns. Prior to being employed by DNi Chamika was employed at Parker Cooperative Centre for Integrated Hydrometallurgy Solutions at CSIRO Waterford as a student researcher.


Consultant – Bill Drinkard

Bill Drinkard, founded his first corporation, Mineral Research and Development Corp., while attending college.

Bill has a degree in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University.He is a member of the Iron and Steel Society, the American Chemical Society, the Forest Products Research Society, the American Wood Preservers’ Association, and the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, & Petroleum.

Bill is President and CEO of Drinkard Research and Development Corporation and of Drinkard Metalox Inc (DMI).

DMI was formed in 1993 and together with Drinkard Research has been involved in a range of hydrometallurgical processes for the treatment of metals including gold and nickel. Their technical team has been profitably recovering values from metal dust and other secondary materials for more than 30 years. Around half a million tons of metal values have been recovered using their technologies. Many of the oldest plants are still in profitable, daily operation, some more than 20 years after initially going online.