DNi’s USPs

The DNi Process™ is the most financially viable nickel processing technology at today’s nickel prices because the DNi Process™:

  • Requires less capital investment with a significantly lower capital cost than HPAL for an equivalent nickel output.
  • Has a very low operating cost – making the DNi Process™ one of the most cost-effective processes for the production of nickel and other co-products.
  • Can treat the full laterite ore profile – both limonite and saprolite –maximising mine profitability with additional revenue from the sale of co-products such as cobalt.
  • Is a flexible process able to adapt to changing market demands – can produce nickel metal, an MHP or an MOP.
  • Is a hydrometallurgical process making it easily scalable.
  • Is an environmentally friendly process:
    • with around half the tailings footprint of an HPAL plant of the same capacity
    • producing more saleable co-products (including cobalt, hematite and magnesium oxide)
    • produces inert and bio-remediable tailings.