Commercialisation and Scale-Up

The DNi Process™ provides the step change the nickel industry needs to overcome high capital and operating costs in a low commodity price environment. The DNi Process™ delivers:

  • “Elegant” process chemistry where reagents are regenerated and recycled within the process
  • Ability to treat limonite and saprolite ores and blends without loss in nickel recovery
  • Low process intensity not requiring high temperatures or pressures
  • “Off-the-shelf” equipment with a well-known design and scale up methodology
  • No exotic materials of construction
  • Low volume, benign tailings that can be disposed as landfill
  • Valuable by-products of MgO and hematite

These features all combine to offer attractive operating and capital costs and simple operability benefits.

The Pilot Plant operation has demonstrated the operability of the DNi Process™ as an integrated circuit. It has also confirmed the performance of a range of process control schemes across the plant, which can be further refined and built upon in a full-scale operation.

Overall, the DNi Process™ is considered to be significantly less arduous from an operability and maintenance viewpoint compared to a fully integrated High Pressure Acid Leaching (HPAL) Ni plant, Nickel Pig Iron or Ferro-Nickel smelter. The Process can be constructed and operated with commercially available off-the-shelf units using well-proven technology, thus significantly reducing scale up risks.

DNP, by testing its new process at pilot scale for a full year, with a highly experienced team has put in place the fundamentals to manage the inherent risks involved with commercialisation of the novel technology of acid recycling.