14 October 2014 Direct Nickel a finalist in the Australian Innovation Challenge

As an acknowledgement of a significant team effort over many years, DNi finds itself nominated for an award in the Australian Innovation Challenge.

The Australian Innovation Challenge awards are run by The Australian newspaper in association with Shell with the support of the federal Department of Industry. A panel of eminent Australians is judging the awards in five professional categories, with this year’s winners to be announced on 29 Nov 2014.

Direct Nickel’s selection as a finalist recognises the technological innovation of the DNi Process, an atmospheric hydrometallurgical process able to treat most nickel laterite ores to produce a number of final saleable products. The nomination also follows the completion of its successful Nickel Production Demonstration Program earlier this year DNi built and operated a one tonne per day Test Plant at the CSIRO’s Australian Minerals Research Centre in Waterford, WA.

The flowing article includes links to the article published in The Australian newspaper and a separate one with more details about the Awards.


Asia miner: Success for DNi test plant

“DIRECT Nickel Limited’s (DNi) test plant at the Australian Minerals Re- search Centre in Perth, Western Australia, has produced its first market- able nickel/cobalt concentrate in the form of a Mixed Hydroxide Product (MHP). Stage 2 of the test plant has been constructed and successfully commissioned, which completes the full DNi Process flowsheet for the operations now under way at the plant.”

Asia Miner-Sept-Oct-2013 (PDF)

GAME CHANGER: Mining Maven’s Kevin Jones report on DNi Pilot Plant visit

Kevin Jones, MiningMaven’s Director of Australian Operations described the DNi test plant as a game changer an 6 September article about his site visit.   He particularly mentioned the economic potential: halving the cost of processing laterites that hold 70% of the world’s nickel, and environmental advantages. Jones’ sense of excitement is palpable as he sees the plant first hand and realises how advanced the process now is.  With the signing of the first commercial agreements and the interest that DNi is attracting from investors and research funding bodies, his assessment is that DNi is about to become a serious force in world nickel production.

Read the full article here (PDF)>

Chemical Engineering in Australia: June 2013 cover article

Test of new nickel process under way

“A test plant for a novel nickel extraction process has opened in CSIRO’s Australian Minerals Research Centre in Perth, in a ceremony attended by Western Australian minister for mines and petroleum Bill Marmion.

Called the Direct Nickel (DNi) process, it is a hydrometallurgical method for extracting nickel from laterite ore, developed by the Australian company Direct Nickel in partnership with CSIRO and Teck Resources. The company has a cooperation agreement with Indonesia’s largest nickel producer, PT Antam.”

Chemical Engineering in Australia June Edition (PDF)

29 May 2013 Media reports of the DNi Test Plant launch


Game changer for nickel processing. DIRECT Nickel is looking to change the mining industry by providing a low-cost, environmentally friendly process to treat nickel laterites. MiningNewsPremium.net was at the official pilot plant opening in Perth on Friday.

Mining News Premium – Game changer (PDF)


Direct Nickel CEO Mr Russell Debney said that the official opening was an opportunity to recognise the work and commitment of a range of stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, technical partners and contractors.

“I am extremely pleased to advise that the Test Plant has operated safely and to plan during the initial stage and first eight of an expected nineteen campaigns.”



The test plant and the cooperative research project with CSIRO have been classified as a Flagship Project under the Australian Growth Partnership Program.



New technique boost for Nickel

By Michael Dulaney Kalgoorlie Miner, Kalgoorlie – 28 March 2013

“An environmentally friendly leaching method with the potential to unlock 70 per cent of the world’s nickel has entered into a pilot plant trial at a CSIRO facility in Perth.

The one-tonne-per-day pilot plant will be used to evaluate the new process and showcase its viability for interested companies.

Dr David Robinson, CSIRO:

“because we can tailor this process to be a relatively small operation, you could start up a new operation with a lot less capital and financial hurdles.”

“Very much applicable very broadly, we’ve tested maybe 60- 70 different laterites from around the world, and we haven’t found one this process doesn’t work efficiently with,”

Read the full article here: 032813 Kalgoorlie Miner