Direct Nickel’s Dr Fiona McCarthy and Hon Bill Marmion at the opening of the Direct NIckel Test Plant in May 2013
Direct Nickel’s Dr Fiona McCarthy and Hon Bill Marmion at the opening of the Direct NIckel Test Plant in May 2013

DNi was founded in 2005 to address the need for an effective and low cost processing solution for treating lateritic nickel.

In November 2006 DNi entered into a process development and licensing agreement with the US-based research and development corporation, Drinkard Metalox Inc (DMI). DMI is a recognised world leader in nitrate chemistry and had earlier patented its nitric acid recycle technology which is incorporated into and a key step in the DNi Process™. DNi has exclusive and perpetual worldwide rights to the DNi Process™ which it developed and has DMI as a shareholder and technical partner.

DNi has invested over twelve years and almost $40 million in the development of the DNi Process™.


Highlights of the Company’s progress since formation:

2005   Direct Nickel Ltd is founded

2008   Teck Resources Ltd and Oz Minerals invest

2009   Positive Aker Solutions PFS2 delivered

2010   CSIRO makes first equity investment; successful commercial scale acid recycle demonstration in Charlotte NC

2012   CSIRO decides to make further investment; completion of construction of Stage 1 of Perth Test Plant; Windward Prospects Ltd (Windward) subscribes for an equity investment of A$5M; Teck Resources confirms approval for funding the Stage 1 Perth Test Plant programme; 200 tonnes of ore from PT Antam’s Indonesian laterite deposit on Halmahera Island arrives in Perth

2013   Hot commissioning of the Stage 1 Test Plant commenced and completed in February; the first ore from Teck Resources majority owned Santa Fe Ipora mine in Brazil is processed in the Test Plant; official opening of the Perth Test Plant takes place; hot commissioning of the Stage 2 Test Plant (full flowsheet); completion of the planned 19 campaigns of ore through the Test Plant

2014   Delivery of the Nickel Production Demonstration Program report detailing the successful completion of the 2013 testing

2015   Windward provides a $1 million secured loan to Direct Nickel Projects Pty Ltd (DNP – the company which holds all relevant IP rights) to enable the company to pursue commercialisation of the DNi Process™

2016   DNP enters Administration which results in a restructuring of the shareholding of that company; DNI Technologies Pty Limited is incorporated as a sister company of DNP to pursue the commercialisation of the DNi Process™; DNi Technologies develops a licencing model to facilitate commercialisation

2017   Shareholders of Direct Nickel Ltd approve an in specie dividend of shares in Direct Nickel Holdings Pty Ltd (which holds approximately 49% of DNP and 30% of DNi Technologies) and Direct Nickel Ltd is sold outside the group; a Co-Operation Agreement is signed with ANROCA Pty Ltd (trading as Queensland Pacific Minerals); discussions ensued with a number of miners in Indonesia, the Philippines and Central/South America regarding the licensing of the DNi Process™.




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